Four Strongholds of Security


Protection comes with power. At SAB security services, you will find trained security guards and hand picked bouncers as per the need. Be it event or company or house security, feel secured with SAB Security services.


Privacy in today’s world is a wishful achievement. Indulge in your private gathering or activities without the fear of paparazzi or other sneaky elements. We offer full cover of layered security arrangements to give the privacy you need.


Safety is the primary key to build the structure of progress and prosperity. Feel safe and secure in home or in office with SAB Security services. With trained and trusted guards at your doors, you can always focus on the growth of your business and life.


The key to success in long run is consistency and unflagging dedication. As you put your unfading efforts in the betterment of life, our persisting eyes and power take care of your all security concerns with the use of technology and manual capabilities.


About Us

Welcome to the official website of SAB Security services . We are the Uttarakhand based premier security solutions platform to cover all your security needs.

The integration of latest security equipment with our wide and expert range of guards service, bouncers and security equipment features, we cover all your security requirements, be it office guards, house guards, event security, private guards, bars and restaurants security, or any other individual/ corporate security concern.

We are happy to be your security status 24*7.

We offer

  • Bodyguards and Bouncers

    The powerful and fully able trained body guards and Ex-army servicemen are reserved for this category who knows every bits and pieces of how to protect and maintain the decorum.

  • Safety & Security Services

    Protection is not just one day’s task and so our guards are trained to keep an eye for every possible mischief and remains alert and responsible all the times. You can trust them as they are committed to protect you and your property.

  • Commercial Security Management

    The commercial security requires high level of professionalism with the keen sense to identify rights and wrongs. The well trained and experienced security personnel are employed in corporate security mechanism.

  • Event, Hotel & Bars Security

    Bars and Hotels are such places where bouncers and security checks are must to bring a sense of safety among customers. SAB security services exclusively assembles the batch of best Bouncers and Guards for Hotel and similar places.

  • CCTV & Tech Security

    CCTV and Tech Security is indispensable security feature in modern day security parameters. Be updated and secure with SAB security services CCTV device installation feature in your premises for total control and observation.

  • Manpower Services

    Our manpower services include candidate screening and recruitment on various positions. Be it bulk requirement or single position for senior staff, we help organizations find the suitable candidate


Why Us

SAB security services has secured a reputed position in security domain in Uttarakhand and West U.P. due to its undeterred approach and unique paradigm.

SAB security services maintains high standard in their selection of security guards and bouncers and every personnel goes through rigorous training and testing procedures.

When you hire security guard from SAB Security services, you can be assured of your security concerns as we are known for our 100% service deliverance.

We are known for

Powerful and Well trained Guards

All the security personnel are selected on the prefixed criteria and after undergoing rigorous training and examination.

Ethical and Professional

All the security service guards deliver professional and ethical behavior, the mandate code of conduct to join our organization.

Expertise in Security Domain

Having prior experience and immense interest in same domain gives us added advantage in delivering perfection in our services.

Reasonable Services

The higher we are in our security services in Uttarakhand and West U.P., the reasonable and competent are our charges.

Strong Market Presence

SAB Security services has strong dominance in security services domain in whole Uttarakhand and West U.P. that says all about our repute.

Equipped with Latest Techs

CCTV, Camera monitoring, Wireless communication, GPS and all latest security gadgets are integrated as part of our world class security system.

3 Things to Consider When Hiring Security Guards

  • The Protection Requirement

    The first step is to determine the type of security you need and what things you want to cover in that protection. Is it temporary or long term requirement, day shift or night shift and what are your expectations.

  • The level of Protection

    The second step is to determine the cost you have in mind to spend on your protection needs. It also include the level of security such as armed security guards or unarmed security guards, manual or tech-integrated surveillance, CCTV installation or security guard checking.

  • Whom service you opt

    It is the most critical point as to whose services you rely upon. It brings all the difference. The guard who stands outside your premises is competitive enough to tackle the situations or he is just another clown wearing security guard uniform? Can security services be customized and does it hold market approval. Choose SAB security services and save yourself from all the hassle.

Our range of Security Services (Uttarakhand & West UP)

  • Security services in Uttarakhand
  • Security services for guard
  • Security services for bouncer
  • Security services for office
  • Security services for ATM
  • Security services for Bank
  • Security Escort Services
  • Security services for residence
  • Security services for Industrial
  • Security services for Factory
  • Security services for Company
  • Security services for Hotels
  • Security services for Hospitals
  • Security services for School
  • Security services for Vigilance
  • Security services for Corporate
  • Security services for Godown
  • Security services for Events
  • Security services for Restaurant
  • Commercial Security services
  • 24 Hours Security services
  • Parking Security services
  • Unarmed Security services
  • Female Security services
  • Manual Guarding
  • Electronic Security
  • CCTV Services
  • House Keeping Services
  • Outsourcing of Manpower
  • Event security services
  • Bodyguard services
  • Armed Security services
  • Commando Security services
  • Security services for VIP
  • Manpower Services

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